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About Us

Travis DesLaurier officially incorporated 2023, but has been in love with story telling and film making since a young age.

Our primary focus has been creating fun, thought provoking and engaging stories in the scripted narrative variety. So far, we’ve dedicated most of our time to our own original stories and are looking to bring on investors to expand those stories by leveling up production and marketing.

We are also now expanding to help others with the creation of their original stories.

How can we help your project...

Our strength is in POST PRODUCTION & PRODUCTION. We currently don’t get involved in the marketing or distribution side.

-Writing -Directing -Cinematography -Editing -Producing

Our preferred genre...

  • Westerns

  • Horror/Thriller

  • Dark Comedy

  • Drama

  • Action

We specialize in narrative story telling...

  • Short Films

  • Web Series

  • TV Shows

  • Feature Films

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Our Portfolio

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These are but a few of our current projects. Be sure to subscribe & follow our social media accounts for more updates.



Book Of Nukpana

Western Horror Short Film


Tarot Card Lady

Horror Short Film


Back Pain

Thriller Short Film

A gang of outlaws accidentally dig up an evil book that drags them into more than they bargained for.

Rick’s girlfriend buys him a physic tarot card reading for his birthday, that ends in terror!

A man suffering from back pain and lack of sleep from supernatural events, calls in a couple ghost hunters to figure out the problem. He soon discovers there's a much deeper scenario weighing him down...



We’re always actively working on several projects. Each one is a level up from the previous as we grow and collaborate.

We aim to specialize in the small to mid size SAG projects with primary focus on compelling stories that engage and excite viewers.

We are always looking for investors, sponsors and collaborators to come on as producers and get involved in our vision, so feel free to reach out!



Web Series

Solving A.I Crimes...

META 9-1-1 -Web Series- Dark Procedural Comedy

A BUDDY COP COMEDY, about two detectives heading up a new division in the police called D.A.I.R (Department of Artificial Intelligence Regulation).

Solving any and all A.I & Technology crimes... That are ridiculous...

Medium Man - Feature Film- Supernatural Thriller

A once successful ghost hunter, who’s suffering from his girlfriends death, gets called to check out a poltergeist, but ends up getting more than he bargain for.

Book of Nukpana- Feature Film- Western Horror

A gang of outlaws accidentally dig up an evil book that drags them into more than they bargained for.

The Seeker- Web Series- Western Action Drama

A lone gunslinger helps a woman running away from bounty hunters in the vast desert.

Open for INVESTORS & SPONSORS. Contact us for more info!

Our Team

Travis was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. For years, he owned and operated construction companies in the residential and commercial sector. He then started doing social media and went viral with a few million followers on different platforms, and moved to Los Angeles in 2017.

The past few years he's been Modeling and Acting in Features Films, Shorts, and TV Shows like, “THE PIRATE BAY” on NETFLIX, “KILLING IT” on PEACOCK, “SINGLE PARENTS” on ABC and “ULTIMATE TAG” on FOX, “TRUTH BE TOLD on APPLE TV,

“9-1-1 LONESTAR” on FOX

to name a few. He's growing fast in the industry, and will be seen on several shows and films soon to be released.

He has now expanded into WRITING/DIRECTING/PRODUCING and Created PLUNDER PICTURES INC. for creating and producing his own projects.

Travis DesLaurier


Lauren Bjel


Lauren is known for Plunder Pictures Short Films (2023), Found IT (2021) and Wastelands (2021).

She is a Los Angeles native, born and raised in West Hollywood! As a kid, she took art classes at LACMA, where her passion for artistic expression began to flourish. She continues to study design and filmmaking, and is growing quickly in the industry.

Michael Cunningham


Michael has worked with some of entertainment’s biggest public figures & businesses in the industry. From legacy brands like SONY MUSIC, Universal and Warner Music Group, to A-List musicians and producers including: Justin Bieber & Bryson Tiller, Jencarlos Canela, Lil Xxel & Justin Raisen to name a few.

His work has been featured in Forbes, Flaunt, Wonderland, Adweek, and The Source.

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